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Might & Magic X Legacy (pc game)
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Return of a legend

The Might and Magic series is a truly epic collection of fantasy strategy/RPG games that has seen countless entries in both the main series and with numerous spinoffs to swell the ranks. This tenth installment is something of a tribute to the first five games and bears more than a striking similarity to the World of Xeen games. It's a pretty fine experience so if you're a follower of the series, you probably want to check this out. This one takes place in the same world as Might and Magic VI, with the story taking place some time after the events of that one, and with your character leading his party of adventurers to return the ashes of his mentor but with events about to take a darker turn. What follows is a classically styled turn-based RPG featuring a mix of grid-based movement and tactical combat. You've got a range of customization options which allow you to tweak your characters as you see fit while there are also plenty of skills and other things to play around with. Legacy might not be for everyone, given that it's decidedly old-school in its approach to things but for those who like it retro, then this will be a nice walk down memory lane. The story is a cracking one, with a lot of twists and turns and expansions to the lore to enjoy, while the visuals are quite splendid, with lots to draw the eye in the detailed environments and character work. The gameplay is always enjoyable, requiring plenty of tactics and thought, making this a great treat for old-school gamers who love their fantasy.