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MIND: Path to Thalamus (pc game)
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A Mind Forever Puzzling

In gameplay terms, this falls somewhere between puzzlers like Myst and Dear Esther, but sadly, in quality terms, it falls a long way short of the best of the genre. The game is certainly interesting enough in its concept, but there are just a few too many stumbling blocks which prevent this from living up to its potential. The game's story is quite an abstract one, and features a few intriguing elements, with the core idea being that it is all taking place in the mind of a coma patient who is trapped in his own mind. As such, he must solve a variety of complex puzzles which are largely focused on changing the weather and the environment. You have to juggle elements like night and day, fog and rain, and must even manipulate the seasons if you are to succeed. As the game takes place in the mind of a coma patient, the worlds here are quite bizarre and fantastical, and directly relate to his emotional state as he progresses through the story. So, on paper at least, this sounds like it could be a great little game. It's clearly an indie title, but still manages to show off some impressive low key visuals, that are haunting and atmospheric. The puzzles are pretty clever, but because the whole thing operates on dream logic, it can get frustrating figuring out whether you're supposed to do something genuinely logical or something which is bit more outside the box. The narrative is intriguing but disjointed, while the whole thing is unlikely to take more than a few hours to complete so on the whole, this is a less than must play title.