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Mini Golf Megaworld (pc game)
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  • Close to a hole-in-one on the rainbow course
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Lots and lots of minigame courses

Mini Golf Megaworld actually keeps the promise it made in the title, which I interpret as a promise for lots and lots of course. And, granted, the game offers it in full. At any rate, what we get is a 3D game where the courses take different visual themes, some realistic, some very gamey, that showcase the developer's creativity. At any rate, with Mini Golf Megaworld you won't feel cheated, as there is lots of mini courses to last a long time, especially if you play the game now and then. Mini Golf Megaworl also feels like a visually novel game onto which the gameplay mechanics of old school games such as Sensible Golf have been grafted onto, which puts the game in a very satisfying and nice position, where it actually is worth the time investment. Surely, those that love this kind of virtualization of a real world sport will appreciate it, and while it could have been a little more polished here and there, it's by no means a bad game. SO, mini golf aficionados, do keep this one in mind and on your hard drives as well.