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Simple in concept and perfectly executed, Mini Metro is a surprisingly addictive little experience whose only real issue is its slightly high price point, and if it was a few bucks cheaper, then it would be a perfect little time waster. This is sort of a stripped down version of city builders like SimCity or traffic sims like Cities in Motion, and sees you with one main task: to design the subway system for a rapidly expanding city. You start out with just a handful of stations and must draw lines between to create routes. As commuters start to use these lines to get around the city, things start to get busy so you'll need to create more routes so that things don't get too crowded, while new stations will also need to be opened in order to maintain efficiency. You have three main modes to play through, while there are eleven different real world cities to play around with, each of which have their own unique challenges, while city growth is random, so your games will never be the same twice. If you are looking for something you can pick up for twenty to thirty minute blasts and enjoy micro-managing things, then this is perfect for you. Although the concept might not sound that exciting, the game is implemented in such as way that is it hectic and relaxing at the same time, but rarely less than utterly compelling. Everything is pretty minimal, so it's not overly complicated to get the hang of, but there's enough depth and variety here to keep you hooked for some time, so for a bit of clever and inventive puzzling, this is perfect.