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Minus 90 (pc game)
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  • Penguins. Penguins everywhere!
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Pointless betting game (with penguins)

While this self-coded little game is certainly admirable for the sheer fact of its creation (created as it was by a pair of brothers, seemingly for the simple joy of it), unfortunately it turns out to be a singularly pointless and tedious waste of time that is best avoided, unless you really have a thing about penguins. There's very little to the game and while a simple concept is often a great thing, here it just proves to be a little too simple. Minus 90 is basically a very basic gambling game, which has for some reason been given a snowy, penguin theme. All you are really given is an icy backdrop, which is occupied by a few of the crazy birds which initially makes you think something interesting might be going on. However, it soon becomes apparent that what you actually have is just a gambling game, or the sort that might be trotted out in Trump Castle and other betting titles. It's simply a variation on the old 'One Armed Bandit' game, where you pull the handle and watch as three symbols roll around. Match them up and you win a handful of credits, lose and you're down a few, but either way, you get to do it again until you run out of cash. That really is everything and the fun runs out about a few seconds after you realise what you've got yourself into. At least in Trump Castle there are other games to entertain yourself but here there is nothing else whatsoever and if you do find yourself playing this, you're going to be cursing yourself when you realise just how flimsy it is. Apart from the strangely appealing graphics, this has nothing to recommend it.