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Mirror's Edge Catalyst (pc game)
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Take a walk on the wild side

The first Mirror's Edge game was a fun mix of science fiction, action and parkour and which was met with general acclaim, so it was no great surprise to see this sequel released earlier this year. Fortunately, this one lives up to the solid standards of its predecessor, so if you enjoyed that one, be sure to grab this too. This is more of a reimagining than a true sequel, and takes place in the distant future in the City of Glass, a dystopian city ruled by a conglomerate which has turned the citizens into mindless zombies. You play the part of a runner, one of a number of individuals who live off the grid and earn their money making deliveries or turning to light crime. The story kicks off as you're released from prison but it's not long before you're back on the streets trying to pay off an old debt. The gameplay sees you completing a series of missions and which all revolve heavily around making your way through the city by the most unorthodox route possible. This involves sprinting and bouncing your way off every feature while also getting up close and personal in combat. Mirror's Edge is far from perfect but it is still worth checking out. The switch to an open world is a nice one and there's a good sense of exploration as you venture around, looking for new access routes. The parkour aspect is well implemented and genuinely fun, although the combat is a little bland and repetitive. The whole thing does look lovely and the storyline is compelling enough. Things do slow down sometimes, but when at its best, Mirror's Edge is genuinely exciting.