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Mission: Humanity (pc game)
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Don't even give it a try..

This 2001 space real time strategy truly leaves much to be desired. When I heard that this was supposed to be a Starcraft-like game that is centered around aliens that are trying to take over the universe, I admit I was pretty pumped up. It seemed like a game with pretty good potential. After spending some time on the game my conclusion was - time wasted. That's right. This game has a million and one flaws and I don't even know where to start. Let's just list them, shall we? I tried to at least the game's story.. Only to find out there is none. The graphics are bad, the AI terrible, the gameplay boring and repetitive, the battle system downright appaling and the level of challenge ranges with zero. And I'm not getting started. The controls are all messed up, everything is in a scramble, and the entire thing is just chaotic and incoherent. The final ruling would be - please do yourself a favor and get the hell away from this game.