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Mixed-Up Mother Goose Enhanced (pc game)
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  • Oh look, it's Morther Goose!
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Good fantasy and fun puzzle game

It is an educational puzzle game which has been basically designed for kids to render them a fun time on board and can also be played by the elder ones who still want to have a taste of those nursery rhymes. Yes the game is about making children learn the nursery rhymes which they have gone through their entire childhood. The boy in the game is the character who has been sent by a mysterious power into a dreamland for helping out jack and Jill like characters and the main character the Mother Goose. In is the sequel to the original edition so they have added some new tweaks like improved graphics, some new customized animations and improvements in the gameplay. The graphics in the game are very smooth and fantasy like and the user interface is a bit hard or the children. The music is very melodious and the interaction elements are also good. The only thing which makes it lack is the fact that the user interface is not that simple for the children. However the rest of the features such as the controls and the verity n the gameplay are good enough. For more fantasy world, try Mixed-up Fairy Tales.