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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (pc game)
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Save the world from darkness

Momodora is very much in the vein of classic platform/adventures like Metroid and Castlevania and for any followers of such things, it's a definite must-play. It combines lush visuals with a gripping storyline, well-developed world and tight gameplay to great effect, making it a highly enjoyable experience. The game takes place in a grim land where evil spreads and corruption rises up to engulf everything. The only hope lies with the Queen but to get an audience with her is a difficult and dangerous task so it falls to you, in the role of Kaho, a priestess, to venture forth and bring light to the darkness. What follows is similar to other games in this series, of which this is the fourth, and to the aforementioned classics. You'll explore a series of environments, platforming and battling as you go while seeking out secrets and hidden pieces of lore which flesh out the world and history. There are lots of eccentric allies and enemies to meet along with boss battles and much more to enjoy. Momodora really is a cracking little adventure game. It's got just about everything you need in such a game with its lush, detailed, stylized visuals that really bring things to life and tight, compelling gameplay. The controls are nice and responsive, very important in such a game, while the level design is excellent with some beautifully laid out sections to explore. The story too is well told and sucks you in with its colorful characters so really, if you're into this sort of thing, there's no reason not to get this.