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Monty on The Run (pc game)
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Save the mole!

This is a remake of the third in the classic Monty Mole series of eighties platformers which began with Wanted: Monty Mole and continued with Monty Mole is Innocent. If you haven't played any of these legends you should go back to the first one and work your way forward as they stand as fine examples of the genre, alongside titles such as Dizzy and Manic Miner. This one is similar to its predecessors and is basically a flick screen platformer which follows the adventures of the eponymous woodland creature. This time around, Monty is attempting to flee and reach Europe and what this basically involves is exploring a series of screens, collecting all the gear and money that you need for the crossing while avoiding all the deadly enemies and hazards which litter each screen. There's a lot of leaping around from platforms and memorizing of enemy movements, while you can also choose from an extensive list of handy objects at the start of the game which might make your task easier. Monty of the Run really is a superb slice of old-school adventuring and this remake is one which does the original full justice and opens it up to new audiences. The game gets pretty much everything right, from the cracking character design (including the highly charismatic Monty himself) to the superbly inventive levels themselves. The controls are perfectly pitched, being as responsive as you could hope for and the difficulty level is just right, challenging yet rarely less than entertaining. As far as retro platformers go, this is great stuff and should be played by anyone with an interest in this period of gaming.