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Moon Hunters (pc game)
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Chasing the moon

While not exactly being a full-on RPG adventure in the sense of Final Fantasy or Zelda, Moon Hunters is an intriguing and generally well put-together experience that offers a lot of unique features. It does suffer from some performance issues but these can be overlooked due to the sheer originality of the game so if you like unusual offerings, then this is worth a look. The idea here is that this is a sort of personality test RPG which is based around the concept of determining if you are good enough to become the sort of mythological hero that the genre demands. Much of the gameplay is similar to others of the genre, being presented in that classic topdown view and with a large world to explore and many characters and enemies to encounter. One of the key points here is that the game is different every time you play and with runs lasting anywhere between 15 minutes and a couple of hours, you'll always find something new whether it's a character, enemy, or decision to make. Another nice feature is the co-op mode which allows you to play with up to four friends, either local or online and which adds much to the appeal. For the most part, Moon Hunters is a pretty solid romp. The visuals might be a bit divisive, with some loving the art style and others not being so fond of it, but there's no denying the game has some personality. The gameplay too is generally compelling, with lots to discover in a well-crafted world. There are issues with performance at times while the online mode doesn't always work too well but apart from this, this is a fun experience.