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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (pc game)
4.67 out of 5 (9 votes)
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Modern fighter, very gruesome at times

If you wanted to play Mortal Kombat, but the jaggedness of the original 2D fighters no longer appeals to your HD senses, then this version of MK will most certainly do a great job. It features fully 3D environments, and very well executed fighters. The regular characters are all there, Sub Zero, Liu Kang, Goro, Tania, etc. However, a host of new characters has been included also. The best part? None of these characters are just re-skinned copies of older ones. All of them manage to have something unique, even if it is just a couple of novel moves or just a novel finishing move. A cool graphical element is also presented by the movement of the camera which at times will close up on characters to show the destruction being waged on the opponents. An x ray of bones getting crushed or of meat getting cut is also shown and therefore, the game manages to create a very gorey and visceral vibe. With modern bloom and HDR you are going to have a great time, and the core gameplay will still feel familiar though as mentioned, a lot more dynamic and more gruesome at times.