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Mutant Mudds Deluxe (pc game)
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Aargh, mutants!

This is an enhanced version of the already quite charming little game that is Mutant Mudds and although it might not offer anyone who's played the original all that much that's new, if you're into platformers such as Jazz Jackrabbit, it's well worth a look. The basic gameplay remains the same as in the original version, this being a fairly traditional side-scrolling platformer. You'll make your way through forty levels, split into different environments and themes, while controlling our young hero Max, as he attempts to grab diamonds while avoiding various mutant enemies. You've got access to weapons like a bazooka and a jet-pack, while there are several ways to complete individual levels, and which helps to give the game some replay value. On top of the ordinary levels, you can also play as Max's granny, which makes things much more challenging. This Deluxe version includes several new levels, along with more playable characters, as well as a few extras like more powerups. At its heart, Mutant Mudds is a classically styled platform game but it somehow manages to transcend the often staid limitations of the genre to become something that is supremely enjoyable. There's a charm and wit to just about every aspect, from the lovely retro visuals, to the clever and inventive level design that promises something new around every corner. The new additions are generally quite plentiful and sit well with the original game but might not be enough to make you play it all over again. If you're new though, this promises a good time.