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Mystery at the Museums (pc game)
2.33 out of 5 (3 votes)
  • Designing your character
  • The story explained
  • Mini-game
  • Match the symbols
  • Mini-game
  • Panda!
  • Another mini-game
  • Match the flags
  • Choose the right symbol
  • Escape the maze
  • Did it!
  • Game cover art
  • Check the map and good luck
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Bundle of minigames set to teach you about the value of museums

This game takes a very unobtrusive manner of serving you regular arcade minigames, all of them copied or based on ideas that we've certainly seen before. However, that does little to take from the enjoyment, and, also, the fact that the games are caught into this mystery story that binds them together is great, as it gives you additional reasons to try them. The minigames range from the very basic ones, based on image and pattern recognition (and memorization) to much more diverse and intense kinds of minigames as well as a type of Tetris, which works great. Graphically, this is a rich 8bit kind of game, or, rather, a 16 bit DOS kind of game, in SVGA, which means that it looks great, it has highly tonal colors and a very well drawn set of set pieces. All in all, Mystery at the Museums looks and plays nice and is a very satisfying experience, and, while it teaches you things about museums it never makes it too obvious, it just lets you have fun. And, while you might think that learning about museums is not that big of a deal, there is a lot hidden in teh back of these history stores (!) to deserve talking about!