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Mystic Riders (pc game)
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A witch's brew

If you're a fan of Irem's classic arcade games, such as R-Type and Vigilante, then the best way to experience them in the comfort of your own home now is to pick up the Irem Arcade Hits collection. Mystic Riders is another game to find its home on this great value set but even by itself, it's actually a pretty neat game which is worth seeking out. This one is a traditional side-scrolling shooter, similar to Fantasy Zone or Cotton, thanks mostly to the visual style and general feel of the game. You're in control of a young child witch who gets to ride around on a broomstick. The whole idea of the game is not exactly original, and all you're really required to do is zip around while blasting the numerous enemies which come flying at you. These include the likes of ghost, goblins, reapers and so on while there are also the expected power-ups to collect and weapons to make use of, including a very familiar feeling charge shot. There are six levels in total to play through but perhaps the best thing about the game is the two player mode which is by far the best way to play. Hardcore gamers might be put off by the cutesy graphics but there's no denying that this is actually a very fine shooter that deserves to be played by any self-respecting genre fan. The visuals are also a big draw here as they are absolutely brimming with personality, thanks to the chunky sprites and bright colors which really leap off the screen at you. The action is fast and furious, with a lot going on to keep your attention so if you do enjoy this sort of thing, Mystic Riders is well worth a look.