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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (pc game)
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Amaizng racing, real high speeds

Ford, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Lotus, you name it and this game has to offer you a racing car of all this world famous brands. This exciting racing game is from the great old NFS series which is still played worldwide. This time the theme is that you not only need to out chase other drivers but also the tough cops that will appear frequently at every level. What really makes this game a top notch racing game is the dynamics of the racing action and the variety of the cars it has. The cars run at such high speeds that you will feel like racing a real Ferrari and will feel the thrush down your spine. The controls of the car are very prolific and this allows you bend at fast speeds with accuracy. They have made the dynamics realistic and you will surely need to come down on speed on the turns but the great thing is that you can instantly re-hit the meter after you have lost speed. The graphics are brilliant and the A1 is fantastic. There are many installments that came after this one and a good one among them is Need for Speed Most Wanted.