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Need For Speed - Shift (pc game)
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  • Realistic driving of a Ferrari
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  • Driving the BMW from the driver seat
  • Image related to Need for Speed: Shift game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to Need for Speed: Shift game sale. Credit: Steam
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Shift has it all covered

Need for Speed Shift is EA Games' first attempt at race driving simulator, as they failed with Need for Speed: ProStreet which EA admitted in an interview. Shift brings an all new ball game to the world of Need For Speed, no more rubberband AI, and no more arcade physics, this is the real hardcore stuff not many Need For Speed fans were thinking of and left many surprised. With an amazing choice of differently classes machines to choose from, Shift is a racing sim many racers wanted. It's possibly more detailed than Gran Turismo titles, as there was added; Damage, cockpits, skidmarks and evaluated performance in real time. Just like the very first Need For Speed, progression is always rewarded with prize money to buy more advanced high tech machines to stay in the competitions. The AI are rather challenging and will try to avoid collisions at all costs, but they'll still make mistakes here and there to mix things up or cause pileups, which is extremely fun to witness. Whether you're looking at having some high speed action, or to drive you dream machines, Need for Speed: Shift has it all covered.