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Need for Speed: Underground (pc game)
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Fast and Furious!

Need for Speed is the most popular car racing game, that most of us had grown with. The Need for Speed is the first game of the series that appeared in 1994.The fact that almost everyone is crazy about speed is well-known, and this game is perfect for the steering wheel enthusiasts. NFS Underground introduces you to the world of urban car racing, where you will have the opportunity to drive the most tuned and modern vehicles reputed for their high performance: Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Motors, and so forth. Imagine what an awesome feeling you will have when driving such hot rods on the city streets! And there will always be night time when you will embark on races, for an extra adrenaline where lights guide you! For those that are never contented when it comes to improve the image of their car, this game puts at your disposal various and multiple upgrade options and tuning items. At the end of every race, depending on your position/place, you will be able to buy new important components and other unlocked parts for a better performance. Also, your reputation will suffer some positive changes, and I am talking here about a serios recognition on the city streets! The graphics are amazing and the atmosphere is hardcore, especially because of the special soundtrack that just makes you go crazy and put the pedal to the metal!