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A future classic

A sort of mix of Fallout, Wasteland and Mars Saga, NEO Scavenger is a superb piece of survival strategy that is well worth picking up. It's not for action junkies, but if you like using your imagination and your brain, you're in for a treat. The game is set in a frighteningly believable post-apocalyptic world which mixes elements of supernatural horror and science fiction to excellent effect. The game plays out in turn-based fashion, and each turn you have to decide where to go, how much time to spend scavenging, and thinking about how to handle any encounters you might have. It's all played out in semi-realistic fashion, with complex elements at play, like wound allocation, hunger, warmth and carrying capacity, and you really have to think about your actions every step of the way. There's a mix of sandbox and open-world style play, with elements like random world generation and character customization all featuring heavily. If you are looking for a nice new time sink of a game to get stuck into, then this is a great bet. It might not be the most visually impressive game ever, with its simple map screens and static imagery, but it's certainly atmospheric stuff which really brings home the grim feeling of a world gone to hell. However, it's in the gameplay where this really shines and it's complex, deep, thought-provoking and enthralling in equal measure. It's not an easy game, so be prepared to die a lot, especially at the start, but it does reward considered and thoughtful playing, so if you like old-school RPGs in the same style, then check this out.