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Niko: Through the Dream (pc game)
4 out of 5 (1 votes)
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Not the best dream ever

A sort of minimalist version of puzzle adventures like Myst, this is a pretty simple and reasonably enthralling game which tries hard but doesn't quite live up to its lofty ambitions. It mixes an original storyline with some fairly basic puzzling to decent effect but when it's all over, there's little to linger in the memory. The story finds Niko returning to her homeland, and you must travel to several islands to get there, each of which represents a key event from her life. To progress, you have to solve the many puzzles which bar your way, and which are based around concepts and ideas such as shapes, colors, physics and sound. The whole thing plays out like a mix of first person platformer and traditional puzzle adventure, and generally, this blend of styles works quite well. One of the game's biggest draws is its minimal but very artistic visual style, with is very appealing and slick, with a strong sense of atmosphere and it's clear a lot of work went into crafting the world. However, when you get into the nitty gritty of the game, it all comes across as a bit too wishywashy for its own good. The main focus is on the puzzles and these are just a bit too middle of the road to pull in the real puzzle fans. They're not based on hard logic for the most part, and those that are are fairly basic, while others are pretty straightforward to complete. The story too isn't overly enthralling, unless you're into arty narratives and this does rather seem to be the point of the whole game. Overall, it's not a bad experience, just not all that great either and there are far better puzzlers on the market.