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Ninja Spirit (pc game)
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  • Unleashing my ninja powers
  • Ha! Can't even touch me!
  • You're not worth my attention
  • Another one bites the dust
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Vengeance is mine

Here comes another of Irem's minor arcade hits that can be seen on the excellent value compilation, Irem Arcade Hits. This one is a pretty decent slice of Ghosts & Goblins-style action that provides some solid old-school action. It's perhaps not a true classic but it makes for an entertaining retro romp. This one sees you in control of the elegantly named ninja, Moonlight, who is on the warpath after seeing his father murdered. It's a good job he is a ninja as his desire for revenge sees him making his way through a series of side-scrolling platform style levels which are just riddled with other ninjas who would like nothing more than to see him as dead as his dad. Fortunately, Moonlight is also armed with a set of deadly weapons, including a katana, shurikens, bombs, and a kind of sickle/chain device. All of them are deadly in their own way but it's their strengths and weaknesses which give the game some kind of depth as you have to use them in the right situation. Ninja Spirit might not be the most original action game ever but there's no denying it's got a certain sense of old-school charm. The visuals are pretty spanking if you like that nineties look, with some very cool enemies to kill and some highly atmospheric environments to explore. The action comes at you hard and fast and even if you're an arcade veteran, this will probably give you some challenge. It's always enjoyable though, thanks to the right controls, nice mix of weapons and cool arcade music. Perhaps not a must play but a fun romp anyway.