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No Pineapple Left Behind (pc game)
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  • Image related to No Pineapple Left Behind game sale. Credit: Steam
  • Image related to No Pineapple Left Behind game sale. Credit: Steam
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Bizarre title notwithstanding, No Pineapple Left Behind is a gloriously entertaining management sim that makes a pleasant change from the likes of SimCity and Transport Tycoon. If you're a fan of school-based games like Klass of 99 then it's a good one to add to the collection but which offers a very different experience to that old-school classic. Here, you're in charge of the school and must look after every aspect of the children under your care's needs. You'll need to make sure they're happy, fulfilled, take tests and so on. However, there's a bit of a trick here and that's where the pineapples come in. If your children aren't doing well, you can turn them into pineapples which are easier and cheaper to look after but obviously they lack a certain degree of humanity. Other intriguing elements which come into play are the ability to manipulate a child's feelings with lasers and the option to use magic spells to keep tags on them. No Pineapple Left Behind really is a very clever and intelligent little game which offers both entertainment and an interesting commentary on the state of modern education. It's got some very unusual gameplay mechanics which are well implemented while there's also a nice sense of variety and balance to the various activities that you have to worry about. You've also got several schools to try out, each with their own unique challenges, which adds to the longevity, while the visuals are striking and dynamic. As far as thought-provoking games go, this is a bit of a cracker.