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Noggin Knocker (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of Home of the Underdogs revival.
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Nolan Bushnell would not be happy

Bloodlust is a company known for its extremely gory games, which take a sort of Troma approach to design and gameplay (Troma is a legendary film company known for its cheap and dodgy movies) and Noggin Knocker follows closely in the footsteps of Tromaball and Time Slaughter in this respect. Unfortunately however, if you strip away the blood and guts and twisted sense of humor, all of the company's games are almost uniformly terribly, with appalling graphics, terrible controls and an overall lack of anything even approaching entertainment value. Again, Noggin Knocker is fairly typical of this output. The game is basically a Pong variant where you compete in a series of head-to-head duels with a variety of bizarre characters. The difference here is that the ball is a severed head, while the characters also have access to special abilities. There are also of course copious amounts of blood and gore, as well as the supposedly funny little quips that the commentator and other players make at random intervals. Unfortunately though, unless you are of a very peculiar frame of mind, none of this is likely to prove interesting. It's not just the awful visuals, which look like the first efforts of a ten year old, and which are crude in the extreme but also things like the gameplay mechanics and screen layout which are so poorly thought out and which make playing the game an unfair chore. The sense that the designers feel that they are so clever and witty also permeates everything but in actual fact, the game just comes across as foolish and embarrassing and any self respecting gamer should stay well clear of this.