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Not A Hero: Global MegaLord Edition (pc game)
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Playing out like a cross between shooters such as Contra and Metal Slug, but less like Hotline Miami than you might think, this is a simple but highly enjoyable bit of run 'n' gun action. The game has a cool, retro vibe to it, with some lovely pixel graphics, and plenty of fast paced fun so if you want to exercise your trigger finger then this is for you. The rather bonkers storyline revolves around an anthropomorphic bunny from the future and a bunch of dubious heroes who must clean up the city by wiping out the criminal gangs which run riot. It's all nonsense of course and it's all just an excuse for a 2.5D cover-based shooter but it's quite entertaining nonsense for the most part. The game itself sees you and your nine different heroes taking the fight to the streets, completing primary and secondary objectives while facing SWAT teams, gunships, pandas, suicidal samurai and other bonkers bad guys along the way. The game plays fast and furious, and allows you to jump, slide and roll into cover, all with ease thanks to the slick control system which adds much to the enjoyment of the game. Not a Hero isn't going to last you forever, as it is quite a short game, but while it lasts, there's no denying it's a lot of fun. The humor might not be to everyone's taste, but it does give it some appeal, but the visuals are very cool if you like that retro look. The action never lets up and is certainly over-the-top enough to ensure you have a good time, and there is some replay value as you have to go back to collect all bonuses. Not a classic but definitely a good time.