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Octodad: Dadliest Catch (pc game)
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An octopus out of water

Anyone looking for a deep, meaningful experience should look elsewhere, but if you just want to have an absolute blast for a couple of hours, then Octodad has to be worth a look. It's a game which doesn't really bear comparison to much else on the market but it's basically about living life as a human while actually being an octopus. You take the role of Octodad, an octopus who for some reason is masquerading as a human, and which proves to be expectedly complex. You'll have to perform all sorts of activities which are mundane in real life, but when performed as a walking sea creature with eight legs turn out to be completely hilarious. Whether it's cooking a meal, going shopping for groceries, playing air hockey or tidying up the back yard, if you're an octopus out of water, then physics is not your friend, and everything becomes a challenge. There is a surprisingly touching story here too, as Octodad tries to integrate himself into the real world and it's as emotional as it is hilarious. Octodad isn't going to keep you playing for a long time, with a running time of only a couple of hours, but you're guaranteed to remember it long after it's over. The visuals are superb, with a wonderfully inventive mix of sci-fi and 1950s style and which really bring the game to life. All the characters are memorable and full of personality, with charming dialogue and being well designed. The gameplay is simple to pick up but never less than fun to play and overall, this scores a lot of points for being so original. Check it out!