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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (pc game)
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The Oddworld series is mostly known for its classic titles which mixed platforming and puzzling to superb effect and which are similar to Another World. However, Stranger's Wrath is considered a spinoff from the main series as it ditches the usual gameplay for a more action-oriented approach, although it is set in the same universe. It remains a top notch experience though and is well worth a look. The story here finds a bounty hunter known only as the Stranger on a mysterious quest which involves a demon invading a town, a mysterious individual who has caused a river to dry up, and a whole lot more stuff, which just gets stranger and stranger. The game itself is a mix of third person exploration and first person shooting, with the main goal being to track down criminals and bring them in for the bounty, while also uncovering the mystery. The whole thing has the feel of a fantasy Western, with the player's main weapon being a double-barreled crossbow and with the environments being akin to living in a bizarre version of the Old West. The game is also distinguished by its sarcastic humor and its mix of action and stealth in the completion of missions. Stranger's Wrath really is a cracking adventure. It gets off to a great start with its distinctive visual style which is eye catching and slick, with plenty of imagination in the character and environment design. The gameplay is just as good, with the right mix of action, stealth and exploration so overall, this makes for a wonderfully entertaining experience.