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Bridge Deluxe 2 with Omar Sharif (pc game)
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There is 1 classic boxed game available for sale. Check shipping price and condition directly on shop page.

Because some people just love oldie cinema stars!

Have you ever had that crave to play a game of bridge with Omar Sharif? Really?! Never??? Well, that's weird, because that's what I dream of doing every night! So, as you'd imagine I started looking for a game that allowed me to live this fantasy, and guess what, call me crazy but there is a game out there that is all about that! Sure, Mr. Omar doesn't speak much, he just sits in the center of the bridge table and looks cool! And so, while this didn't really fulfill my wish entirely, it sure enough gave it some fuel to keep alive, heheh! At any rate, expect a well done game of Bridge, classic in terms of the rules, well produced both graphically, controls wise as well as in terms of the way the game controls. That's why it is a fairly interesting game to play, and well, for Sharif fans out there! And when you feel tired to me looked at by Mr. Omar,you should try the vanilla version, Bridge Deluxe which is just the same but without the old timer splattered on the playing table!At any rate, they both play well, so, yeah, it's jsut a question of choosing Omar Sharif or saying no to his mugshot!