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Onesimus (pc game)
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Be a better person by platforming

If this game looks a little familiar, then there's a very good reason for that: it's built using the same engine as the classic Jill of the Jungle platformers and bears much of the same gameplay and visuals. If anything, this one is a little too similar to its inspiration and follows very closely in Jill's footsteps, the only real differences being in the storyline, which is an area where it is rather unusual. The narrative here is heavily inspired by Christian histories and follows the adventures of the slave Onesimus, who escapes from the overseer Philemon only to head to Rome in search of the apostle Paul, who will teach him how to be a good Christian. What follows is an epic adventure which doesn't exactly seem particularly Christian, but is actually a pretty decent platformer (if basically a copy of Jill's shenanigans). In case you've never played her games, this is basically a multi-directional scrolling platformer, where you must collect keys to unlock doors, munch on apples to keep up your health, fling knives at aggressive animals and of course engage in some fun jumping action. If taken apart from the Jill games, then Onesimus is a pretty good little game, as it offers plenty of clever level design, some tight platforming and even a few nice little puzzles. The visuals are pleasant enough, with smooth animation and a fair amount of personality and it's only when compared to Jill that things fall apart a little. If this is done, it is soon apparent that this is pretty much the same thing, just tailored to Christian audiences but if you are looking for a Biblical platformer, you can't go wrong with this one.