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Operation: inner space (pc game)
5 out of 5 (2 votes)
  • Game cover art
  • This part of space really lacks stars
  • Stupendous gal
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Forget about Avast.. This is how you kill viruses!

This game probably has one of the coolest game plots ever. So, your computer has been attacked by a demon. He planted viruses in your computer that totally messed up your icons. He hides in a cave guarded by four dragons and if you want to go and defeat him and fix your computer, you have to travel through cyberspace in a small shuttle and destroy the viruses to get to him. And to think that we use antivirus programs. How boring. The gameplay is absolutely identical to Space War, but it automatically seems different when you know what the story behind the game is. You are not in the middle of space fighting asteroids, you're in cyberspace fighting computer viruses! Way cooler than asteroids. The game's graphics is slightly better than that in Space War, but not significantly so. The sound is not something worth mentioning, but at least it's not irritating and blasting as in some other games. All in all, a very fun, exciting and adventurous game with a great way to make you interested - a fantastic plotline. A demon hiding in a cave in cyberspace? Awesome. I'm in.