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Mature content notice: this page may contain explicit language, sexual themes, partial nudity and is intended for mature audiences only.
Oppai Slider 2 (pc game)
4.75 out of 5 (8 votes)
  • Hey there, sexy!
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For pervs only

This is exactly the sort of game that gets the industry a bad name and which should only really be played by smut lovers who don't have a handle on the complexities of real life. It's a bizarre anime-style game which features the all-too-common Japanese obsession with young girls and where the player must interact with them in increasingly disturbing ways. There are three different scenarios for the potential filth-meister to choose from, each of which feature the same girl but in different roles. The first sees you as a doctor and her as a nurse, the second finds you as the master and her as the maid and the third places you in the role of a sailor who must teach her to swim. You goal, no matter which scenario you choose, is to seduce the girl, by using appropriate items and by getting her into certain situations which will make her like you. Make her too angry by getting too frisky, too quickly, and you'll lose her forever. The game features an alarmingly detailed set of customization options, where you can control every aspect of the girl's appearance, with a worrying amount of attention able to be spent on her chest. Unless you really are a first class pervert who never goes outside and experiences the joys of real life, then there is absolutely no reason to play this game whatsoever. Although the anime visuals are reasonably well done, it's simply the sheer content that is likely to put most sane people off from playing this. It's just plain immature sexism that has no place in the modern world and really should share the same fate as E.T.