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Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge (pc game)
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Order of the Thorne is a classically-styled point-and-click adventure which brings to mind the likes of the Quest for Glory series, Quest for Infamy and the Legend of Kyrandia games. It's got a very similar art style, as well as the same kind of storyline and puzzles which sadly doesn't deliver in the story department due to some rather on-the-nose writing which is more suited to a younger audience. The rather simple and other slightly charming narrative revolves around the adventures of the young bard, Finn, as he sets out on an epic quest to locate the queen of the land. As a bard, it's also his goal to compose and perform his greatest song but of course, fulfilling both of these things is going to be quite tricky. The gameplay is a very traditional point-and-click stuff, where you wander through various lushly drawn and animated pixel-style environments while chatting with the various quirky characters which inhabit this fairy tale world and solving the numerous inventory-based puzzles. Order of the Thorne is very much an adventure in the classic sense and while this sense of nostalgia often works well, here it's perhaps a bit too much. The story is just far too twee and whimsical for anyone but the most innocent of gamers to enjoy, with its child-like mix of characters and slackly written dialogue that fails to engage. It does a job with most of the visuals, although some of the portrait designs are pretty ugly, notably the main character, while the puzzles are decent enough in the main. Overall though, if you are looking for a truly classically-style adventure, you might be better off sticking with some of the previously mentioned titles.