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Our Darker Purpose (pc game)
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What lies at the top?

An intense little indie rogue-like that blends elements of the classic Rogue with Gauntlet and action RPGS, Our Darker Purpose is a superb offering that is well worth a look for fans of the genre and which manages to breathe some fresh air into the genre. Unusually for such a game, you control a young girl, Cordy, who lives in a home for lost children and where the adults all suddenly disappear one day. In the absence of these authority figures, the stronger children have taken over the home, so it falls to Cordy to battle against her fellows with the overall aim of reaching the top of the school, where the administrator's office lies. What follows is an intense topdown shooter-style game, where Cordy can fire in four directions to take out the roaming enemies, while also leveling up and collecting various items to help her out. Permadeath rears its ugly head but you can spend points on permanent upgrades which does make the restarting slightly easier to handle. Floors in the tower are randomized, while each one has certain traits, like more mini-bosses or where you take double damage, and which helps to keep you on your toes. Our Darker Purpose probably isn't for the faint of heart, as it is a difficult game, but if you like tough experiences which keep your trigger finger exercised, then this is a worthwhile investment. Its brooding atmosphere suits the narrative well and although the visuals are simple, they are undeniably stylish. The unusual lead character helps you to identify with the story too and there's certainly enough here to keep genre fans happy for some time.