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Outlast: Whistleblower (pc game)
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Scare your pants off

The original Outlast is a stunning bit of survival horror that stands alongside Resident Evil and Silent Hill as a legend of the genre. It's got everything you want from such a game, including a gripping story and plenty of genuinely terrifying setpieces which will haunt you for days. Whistleblower is actually an expansion pack for the base game, so you're going to need that in order to play this, but if you've haven't played the original, do yourself a favor and pick up both games. This one sets up the tale told in the main game, and continues after it finished, telling the dark and horrifying story of Mount Massive Asylum and how it came to be a place of absolute terror. You play the part of a software engineer who reveals to the world what is going on behind the doors of the Asylum, with the game itself playing out in similar fashion to the original. It's a stealth-based horror experience, mixed with parkour platforming, where you don't want to get involved in combat too much and where running is always the best option. The main appeal here is the storyline and the greater insight it provides into the stunningly realized world of Mount Massive. However, while it is pretty interesting, it doesn't quite provide enough surprise and revelation to really knock you off you seat, and you feel a little like you knew what was going to happen all the time. However, the gameplay remains as enjoyably scary as before, with plenty of running and screaming through darkened halls, so if that is your bag, pick up this and the base game.