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A modern survival horror adventure

After playing another popular new horror game, I finally decided to play Outlast, a 2013 masterpiece. You play as a journalist named Miles Upshare, that decides to look for dirty evidence, in order to become famous. The setting where he heads at is a secret insane asylum. Death will follow you at every step, and there are things that can kill you in a second. The last aspect will make you repeat the level, from the most recent checkpoint. In this way, you will learn to be more cautious, and you will be bound to live again the massively bloody and terrifying experiences. Oh, and I forgot to say "dark", which is the main thing that defines the general atmosphere in this game. The darkness will guide you everywhere and will be your enemy in situations that involve fumbling behind a door, or locations that prepare you for an inevitable danger. The only advantage of the darkness is when using it as an ally in situations that involve hiding from an enemy or threat. If you know how to use the dark you can escape unharmed. This dark ambiance is the reason you will mostly use the night-vision. That is why everything will be white and green, and also shiny. If you want a genuine modern survival horror adventure, with creepy, coloured, interesting and amusingly demented characters, Outlast is the perfect choice!