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Overfall (pc game)
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Set sail!

A charming mix of RPG and RTS, Overfall is a cracking little game that offers fans of both genres plenty to get their teeth into and which proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable experience. It blends turn-based combat with rogue-like sensibilities and a complex narrative to great effect, making it a game well worth picking up. The game is set in a large and dynamic fantasy-style realm and lets you explore this world, mostly by setting sail on its many oceans and heading out into the wild blue yonder. There are many races inhabiting this world and you'll have to choose whether to help them or hinder them in their conflicts while battling foes in turn-based combat and making new allies along the way. The stories here require you to make many choices so repeat playthroughs offer the chance to experience entirely new narratives, with individual stories switching between epic, tragic, mundane, and outrageous, thanks to the mix of colorful characters to meet. The game also features permadeath, so you'd best look after your favorite heroes while the world itself is procedurally generated to add even more variety. Overfall is quite a delightful game. It starts out nicely with its attractive visuals, which are colorful and brimming with personality, thanks to some charming character design. The characters themselves are equally as vibrant, with many memorable ones to meet. The combat is deep and enjoyable with lots of options to experiment with and which offers a decent level of challenge. Throw in the high replay value thanks to the open-ended narrative and you're left with a corking game.