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Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box (pc game)
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Mobile platforms have been the ideal home for hidden object/adventure games, with their touch screen interfaces making the perfect system for quick and easy adventuring on the go. Vampire Saga is one of those games which started life as a mobile title but in its leap to home computers it reveals itself to be little more than an average offering in an overcrowded market. The rather stereotypical plot finds a young man receiving a phone call from his grandfather and when he arrives at the old man's house, he hears a tale of the supernatural which he now finds himself an unwitting participant in. What follows is a blend of the hidden object genre and the Myst-style first-person puzzler. You'll basically find yourself exploring a series of static environments while seeking out the puzzles and the hidden object sections, with the puzzles mostly formed of inventory-based ones which need you to solve the hidden object puzzles in order to obtain the correct items. If you're looking for a new hidden object puzzler to while away a few hours, this is certainly not a bad option, but it's not quite top of the league either. It delivers on the story front, despite the initial feelings of familiarity, and there are some nice twists and turns along the way, particularly when it comes to the ending. It's aided in this respect by the visuals, which are atmospheric and really pull you into the narrative. The puzzles are where the game is less successful, as they're just a little too run of the mill to really blow you away, but this is still a solid romp.