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Panzer Elite: Special Edition (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Main menu
  • Image game
  • Panzer Elite: Special Edition pc game
  • Start playing
  • Into the tank
  • Go forward
  • In convoy
  • Map game
  • Mission started
  • Target spotted
  • Primary goals
  • I'm on a killing spree!
  • No enemy tanks spotted
  • Let's roll out!
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Tin cans and guns

If you're into the tank-sim niche, you probably played Panzer Elite: Special Edition. If you haven't here is a little intro on the game. Basically, it is your regular sit in a tin can, drive around shoot other tin cans type of game, but with astounding level of realism. What this means is, not only that you drive around in a tin can shooting other tin cans, but other tin cans are extremely difficult to hit (same as it's predecessor Panzer Elite). Your's, on the other hand can get shot from 3,000 metres without any problem. What im trying to stress out is that this game is intended only for hardcore fans of tank sims, and anyone else who would want to become one. It takes long time to learn even the basic movement, and i wont even start on the shooting part. Of course that is presuming you actually want to sit in a tank for hours and wait for a Nazi to come by so you can target practice. Combine steep learning curve, dull play and lacking graphics, you get this game. Only good thing is the sound, but that simply isn't enough. Avoid unless you really want to empty that bottle of calm pills from last year.