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Paradise Heights 3 (pc game)
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  • Shiro
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  • She's your boss
  • Misa
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The 3rd and final episode

Here an hentai visual novel that will close the Paradise Heights series. The game (originally released in Japanese language only, but ported to English later) has the same main characters, Keigo (and some secondary one), that you've already found in PH and PH2, so, who is familiar with those games will remind the same main location, this building where you're living next to a lot of neighbors (all women...). As first thing you will meet your cousin Misa, who was living in a different town: the two were always in love, and here they will have another occasion to demonstrate it altough Keigo is already having a girlfriend (Akemi). From there onward you will have the occasion to have many encounters with all the girls you'll be meeting during the gameplay. As the game is similar to the previous ones, indeed it's a bit repetitive, but the quality of manga pictures is definitely superior, so it will be worth downloading, playing and having a look at the scenes. Finally you'll have to choose if following your relation with Akemi or you will again fall in love with Misa. Originally known with the Japanese name of "Koko wa Rakuensou 3", this game was published by Foster, well known in the hentai world during 90s.