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Path of Exile (pc game)
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Although it might not look like much more than another Diablo 3 clone, Path of Exile is much more than first appearances would suggest and is instead a superb and rich experience. It combines cracking visuals with some superb lore and background material and exciting combat to create a highly satisfying game. The game starts out with the player being sent to the island of Wraeclast, a place inhabited only by criminals sent there to atone for their crimes and your main task is simply to survive. The story is something of a background consideration here, although there is much to discover in terms of the game's lore, so if you enjoy this aspect of RPGs, there's much to discover here. The main gameplay is familiar hack 'n' slash adventure stuff and although this is similar to games like Van Helsing, Path of Exile does stand out a bit with its complex skill tree which adds a lot of depth and customization options. The game can be played alone but is best experienced in the company of other rogue adventurers, while it also stands out as being free-to-play, with the option for in-game purchases. For anyone looking for their next venture into adventuring, or even for those just starting out, Path of Exile is a great choice. It's clearly been a labor of love for its developers, and is particularly notable for the richness of its setting. The gameplay too is a lot of fun, particularly when played with others, while it also looks quite lovely too. You probably won't be swayed if you don't like dungeon crawlers, but if you do, this is up there with the best.