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PC Bert (pc game)
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  • Keep jumping
  • Options
  • Don't get stuck in the corner
  • Going well
  • Watch out!
  • Enter your name
  • Options
  • Watch your language!
  • Two to go
  • Nice colours
  • Game over
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Starting off the second round
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
  • Being chased by a crazy snake
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The QBert of the PC!

Q Bert was one lovely experiment with gameplay based on escalating this ladder, or descending from it. However, while a 2D game, it used an interesting perspective, as Ant Attack had back in the day, being one of those seminal isometric experiences games, the kind that really made you say wow, when you saw it! So, within the realm of clones PC Bert is a pretty blatant copy of its original, but, nonetheless, it is playable on the DOS platform without any iffy challenges, which, in my opinion, is worth sinking into. Don't think that porting of Q Bert was hard or anything, it wasn't, it was to be found on many different platforms, some more powerful, some abysmally underpowered (I'm looking at you ZX Spectrum!). The game elements just were simple to code, and, in PC Bert they are well reproduced, maybe with a bit of a loss on the graphical aspect, but nothing too much, nothing that will render this game unplayable. So, yeah, definitely worth a go. You'll jump, you'll escalate and you'll avoid enemies galore. And, together with Marble Madness you're going to have a great escapade in a world of 3D before 3D was a thing, which is a win all in on itself!