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Perfect General 2 (pc game)
3.75 out of 5 (4 votes)
  • Introduction sequence
  • Main menu
  • Purchasing unit menu
  • Deploying your army
  • Here there are a nice troop of infantry
  • Direct fire is about to commence
  • Moving medium tank
  • Heavy artillery is doing it's job... but it's friendly fire!
  • Moving infantry and bazooka
  • Top down view of the map
  • It's blue turn now
  • Going to attack with light tank
  • Trying to weaken enemy with artillery
  • It's night time
  • Attacking during night
  • Full screen view
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Game title screen
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Come on, chaps!

The original Perfect General was a pretty decent and accessible slice of strategy wargaming that offered novices in the genre a good way in to what can be quite a daunting set of titles. This sequel is pretty much more of the same, so if you did enjoy the first one and are looking for more of the same, this worth a look. It's far from sophisticated stuff in terms of visuals, but it's got what you need under the hood and that's what really counts with such a game. The game is basically a turn-based wargame experience which is sort of historical but not as hardcore as other titles like Panzer General. As is typical for the genre, there's a campaign to play through and which usually involves placing your units on the battlefield and then taking it in turns with your opponent to move and fire them in order to emerge victorious. Both sides have access to the same units, and there are a couple of new ones over the original while there's also a scenario editor so you can tinker around with your own when you've finished the campaign. Perfect General 2 certainly doesn't look like much when you look at screenshots or videos but don't let that put you off as there's plenty to enjoy here. The interface makes picking the game up pretty simple, so if you're a novice to this kind of thing, this is actually a good choice. The campaign is challenging but not overly so, which again makes it accessible, but you will need a good tactical hat if you want to win. The range of units is decent and the visuals solid, so check this out if you want some old-school turn-based strategy fun.

Serious turn based strategy game

The original Perfect general was a well rounded strategy game, so it comes as no surprise that the second installment only gets better. Within this game, the major difference is the graphics. Units are far crisper, as the total resolution can be updated up to 840 x 480 pixels, and also, the maps themselves do a better job at describing the kind of terrain they represent. In terms of setting this game will put you in command in a WWI setting, unleashing both historically accurate mission but also allowing you the chance to write your own alternative histories. Playability wise, the game is still very easy to get into. You select the units you want to move by clicking your mouse and you issue commands from the contextual menu. Economic strategy and higher level strategy decisions can be managed in separate screens, which can be easily browsed through and which organize information very easily. Overall, Perfect General 2 is still fun to play, with the mention that the game addresses passionate war gamers and is not suited for more casual strategists.