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Spoiled by the bosses

Pid is a game that looks easy to like. And indeed, at first it seems like a wonderful experience, with its lush, charming art style and its inventive gameplay, but when you spend a few hours with it, you come across one major problem that renders it a huge disappointment: boss fights. The game itself is a little platform adventure that mixes the usual leaping around with a bit of light puzzle solving. You're in control of a funny little guy who crashlands on a planet only to find it overrun with angry robots. As you make your across the planet, trying to get off, you'll uncover a fairly bonkers plot about an attempt to sabotage the transportation system. The gameplay is fairly traditional for the most part, as you jump around through the platform-filled levels, while making use of your gravity beam. This clever device allows you to create thin fields of gravity which you can use to manipulate enemies, defend yourself and solve puzzles. It's a nice mechanic which is used well, and during the main levels, Pid is quite a lot of fun. However, the slowness with which the character moves soon gets wearing, while other mechanics that are introduced aren't implemented well. Perhaps the biggest issue though is the boss fights. Compared to the rest of the game, these are crushingly difficult while also feeling as though they are from a different game. This element really breaks what enjoyment factor you might have and puts you off playing. On the plus side, the visuals are lovely and crisp, with some beautiful design work but at the end of the day, this isn't enough to save the game.