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Bring on the brothers!

Pilot Brothers might not be quite so complex and rich as classic adventures like Discworld or Monkey Island, but it shares a deliciously bonkers sense of humor and thirst for clever puzzling, so fans of such titles should find much to enjoy here. The story here revolves around a prized elephant stolen from a small Russian town, with the prime suspect being the beast's former owner. It's going to take the skills of the titular Pilot Brothers, two well known detectives, to crack this most perplexing of cases, and what follows is a hilarious adventure that boasts some off-the-wall European humor. The main focus of the game in on exploring fifteen comic-style locations in search of clues, while solving puzzles that will help you track down the perpetrator. The whole thing is told with some lovely hand-drawn visuals and some clever gags which translate surprisingly well from the most part from the original Russian. While by today's standards Pilot Brothers might be a little short, the enjoyment factor is still cranked way up and which makes it far more fun than many much larger games. The story is wonderfully offbeat, and will keep you hooked to the end, while the fantastic graphics just ooze personality and charm. The puzzles are mostly excellent, with only a few trial and error ones creeping their way in, and they're pretty challenging too, and should keep even hardened veterans tested. When you throw in the mad little mini-games, you have all the makings of a cracking bit of family entertainment that should be played by fans of Deponia.