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Ping Pong (pc game)
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Top Down ping pong; better than expected

Ping Pong is a third person, 2D/pseudo 3D game of ping pong. You control a paddle that looks like a Ping Pong one, and so does the AI adversary (CPU). The rules of the game are taken directly from Ping Pong, so this is more like a true Ping Pong game than, say, Pong. Also, another cool advantage of this game is that it offers you pretty clean graphics for an 85 game, with good controls also. You basically can choose to send the ball at diverse angles and at different speeds by choosing how you touch it with your paddle; as in a Breakout game, the angle at which the ball jumps back to the adversary is established by the angle at which you are shooting. So, overall, Ping Pong is a fairly well done game, pretty cool and also pretty satisfying to look at. You can also set the difficulty of the AI player by choosing from an array of different AI players, the one that you are most suited to play against. Controls are smooth and responsive, so you can play Ping Pong without worrying that the PC won't register your inputs as it should.