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Pirates of the Barbary Coast (pc game)
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  • There's Klingons off the starboard bow!
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  • Sounds good
  • Ahoy there!
  • Let's catch him!
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  • Meanwhile in Africa
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Piracy themed action/strategy game

If Sid Meyer's Pirates demonstrated that you can make a game that blends genres well, as well as pirates in one and the same game, then you'll be happy to know that Pirates of the Barbary Coast is just the same kind of deal, only that instead of being a well polished game, and a replayable, well oiled production, it is a rather primitive mix of strategy and action. The story might sound compelling, as you play a pirate whose daughter has been kidnapped, but the way this plays out you will not get as much out of it. Because, what you end up doing is going from mission to mission in order to raise money and then you get into these pretty unpolished battles. It's of course got on the sea portions, which, because of the very unpolished graphics will be such a bore to withstand. Then, but quite rarely you can fight other ships, though because of the very simple graphics it is quite hard to know what to do. So, very soon, Pirates of the Barbary Coast turns into a very aggravating game. Avoid it, it's going to bore you or aggravate you and is not going to give much back.