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Playboy the Mansion: Private Party (pc game)
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Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy

This is an add-on for the adult take on the Sims that is Playboy: The Mansion. As you might expect, the base game gives you the chance to live like the legendary porn mogul whose stories of excess, decadence and wild parties are the stuff of legend. The original wasn't exactly a classic, but provided a bit of saucy fun for those who found the Sims a little tame. In it, you were required to build up the legendary Playboy empire, by holding parties, getting your girls in the magazines and all sorts of other fun and dodgy stuff. This expansion pack doesn't really bring a lot to the table and unless you absolutely love the original and are desperate for some simulated girl-on-girl action, then you can skip this. The biggest addition is that of themed parties, each of which has its own special features, such as costumes but the one that will have most rock dwellers running in excitement is the fact that you can now have female homosexual relations, leading to some very pervy moments that are best kept to yourself. Private Party really is one of the dodgiest expansion packs around and falls far short of even the low standards of its predecessor. There just isn't enough content here to make it a worthwhile investment of your time and you're soon likely to wind up getting bored of it all. The base gameplay is the same as it ever was, i.e. a blatant ripoff of the Sims, with a similarly easy to use interface and decent visuals. However, when you realise how thin this is, you'll be off looking elsewhere in no time.