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Playboy: The Mansion (pc game)
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  • Flirting with a hot woman
  • playing pool with cute women.
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Hello bunnies!

If The Sims isn't quite racy enough for you, then this game based on the life of the legendary Hugh Hefner might be your cup of tea. It's not exactly a great game, but for some mild sauciness that is wrapped up in a bit of business simulation, it's worth a look. As you might expect, you take on the role of a young Hugh Hefner as he starts out in the adult entertainment business. It's your goal to build up the notorious Playboy empire by throwing wild parties, putting out a magazine every month, schmoozing and holding wild events that get everyone's tongues wagging. The business side of things comes in as you have to consider your finances, with everything from photographers to writers needing to be considered, alongside your models and their needs. As the empire expands, you get more models and things to decorate your growing mansion with, but the pressure mounts to throw even more expansive parties. If you have played The Sims 2 you'll know exactly what to expect here, as it's pretty much an exact copy. don't go in expecting complete filth though, as there is a surprising amount of depth on display here, with some strategy required to proceed. There is more of a goal here than with The Sims, which might prove interesting for some players as you feel there is actually a point to it all. Going against the game, is of course its adult nature, which might put some off, but it could also have gone a little further in the strategy department, and which might have given the game slightly broader appeal. However, if you don't mind the content and are looking for an adult version of The Sims, you should have some fun here.