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P·O·L·L·E·N (pc game)
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In space, no one can hear you snore

Followers of science fiction exploration games such as The Solus Project might be curious about this similar sounding title but unless you really want to check out an extended (and quite expensive) VR demo, it's probably best skipped. It's got a very standard sci-fi plot seen in films like 2001 and The Moon and is certainly impressive enough as a demo but it falls woefully short when it comes to actual gameplay. The game takes place in a retro/futuristic environment and sees you exploring an abandoned base orbiting Titan in the shoes of a space mechanic with the goal of finding out just what happened to everyone. The gameplay is fairly thin on the ground and mostly involves walking around the station, picking up tapes and other items to find clues to the mystery while solving the occasional puzzle and fiddling with switches (which is about as much fun as it sounds). There's little else to do to be honest and although the game is sold on its interactivity, it's actually very limited in this respect as although it looks like you can do lots of interesting things (like putting beer cans in microwaves) in reality, you can't. POLLEN is certainly a very pretty game, especially if you're lucky enough to be running it on a VR setup (although this really only comes into play for the game's ending), with some very nice design work and which is backed up by some atmospheric audio. However, when you get to the gameplay there's just not enough to do to keep you playing, so when combined with the short running time, this turns out to be a big disappointment.