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Pong 1972 (pc game)
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  • Get ready
  • Starts out slowly
  • 2-0! Already!
  • Old-school gaming
  • Plink plonk
  • Not looking good
  • Pulling it back
  • Getting hammered
  • It's all over now
  • Before balls were round in videogames
  • And the game has begun
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The Tennis sim of our (grand)parents!

Here's the deal with Pong, it is the most barebones simulation of a game of tennis ever possible! It's a proof of concept of what digital games could do, quite probably the Coca Cola of games, in that everyone knows what it is. So, you control a paddle, and your opponent controls the other. Your paddle is the left one, because we Europeans are used to writing from left to right. Your goal is to shoot the pellet that comes your way in such a manner as to fool your adversary into failing to return it, thus winning a point. However, you have to be smart about your positioning, because the enemy can return the pellet angled so that you won't reach it in time, or, if not the angle will be the issue, speed and human error will do you in so, it's a classic, back screen on top of which white squares make up the net, the pallets, the pellet and score. All you need to create a game, that, since 72 till today is still playable and a might fun game to try. See, for instance, a more modern take on it, Mortal Pong, which adds a layer of more modern graphics and a few novel ideas, though core gameplay wise it's the same thing.