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Pool 'M Up (pc game)
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8 ball and 9 ball pool sim; playable in 2D only

Pool 'M Up is a relatively well done pool simulation game, which allows you to play 8 and 9 ball pool; After a few matches you will realize that Pool 'M Up has a bit of a broken physics engine; it's not that bad that it is going to make you miss shots, but some of the trajectories of the cue ball, and some of the ways in which the balls behave, especially near a pocket are a little weird, to say the least. Still, if you're not looking for a professional grade simulation, Pool 'M Up will offer you a great lot of satisfaction. In terms of options, you can rejoice at the fact that you can change the color of the table cloth, and you can also choose between different control schemes. So, overall, Pool 'M Up is playable, well done enough, top down 2D graphics only, with a high enough pixel count so that you won't have problems fixing your cue ball target properly. Just don't expect to achieve more spectacular shots (unless by mistake!). Around the pockets, the laws of physics kind of break down in this game! Download Pool Shark if you want a very precise and simulation heavy pool game.